JB, Los Angeles Sunday, 12/5/09, 6:45 PM

arabella, thanks for an amazing reading. Amazing. You have such a gift and I'm so glad I got to share it. You and I have never met and yet from the minute the channelled messages from Spirit started coming through during our phone reading I was amazed at the comments that came through. I will definitely be doing another reading with you in the future. You have such a loving energy and your reading was so helpful to me at a very stressful time in my life. Thank you.


paul Wednesday

Having had scores of prior psychic readings from a famous, published, literal "telephone between worlds", I am thrilled to the core of my being with the content and accuracy of arabella's messages from SPIRIT. Communicating with her is truly a joy of astronomical proportions.paul

Teresa Thursday, 11/4/08, 12:35 PM

Such a feeling of peace and understanding about some very confusing issues.arabella is a pleasure to talk to and someone that I will call again and again. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Rita Thacker Tuesday, 10/5/06, 3:05 PM

The confirmation I received today from my very first reading was remarkable and reassuring. The "pestering" thoughts that kept running through my mind and seemed ever present now make sense. I will follow "their" lead more easily now since the reading. Thank you arabella. Rita

S. Wirth Sunday, 9/19/07, 8:48 AM

arabella, Please add this to your comments... sorry it took so long. I've been swamped. All I can say is "WOW"!!!! arabella is right on with her readings. She even new about my vacation within 2 days of the reading. She told me I would meet a very important person when I went to Hawaii, and sure enough I did. This was a life changing type of person in which has helped me look at my life in a different and more positive way and I am just soo very grateful for that.... I have been to many psychics, and I must say that overall she has been the most accurate of them all. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She has a great way of know just what to say. Her words are coming straight from the Divine's mouth... Thank you arabella for choosing this path which has helped me to make better decisions and to see the love in all things. Sherrie

Schnandre Wednesday, 9/8/09, 10:20 AM

arabella was wonderful everything that she mentioned was right on the money. It was on jokes. she really gifted and using her gifts to help others. thanks, Schny

Carol Saturday, 8/28/05, 11:54 AM

arabella is a caring and gifted psychic who gives her all to every reading she does. She believes wholeheartedly in her work and it shows!

Gail Lansing Thursday, 8/20/09, 

I had my 2nd reading with arabella today and she was as sweet and caring as ever! It was awesome! My Father was already there when I placed the call to her, and she was very right on with the messages. I know I will be calling her again sometime, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Love and Light, Gail

DANNY Wednesday, 8/25/08, 9:07 PM

WOW! Is one word that could begin to describe my reading with arabella. I believe ARABELLA had a clear connection with my family. She brought through helpful guidance and reafirmed my own thoughts on important aspects of my life. After listening to TO ARABELLA, I found it hard to find anything that didn't relate to me and my family. Thank You Very Much, 

  DON Saturday, 8/14/09, 1:49 PM



Theresa Tuesday, 6/10/03, 

For one hour I listened to ARABELLA over the phone and was so impressed with her reading. She had a strong connection with spirit for she brought forth the truth. Whom ever she described, she was right on. As a bonus, she unknowingly brought through an answer to a question I had put forth to one of my relatives that is in spirit. Her gentle kindness illuminated throughout the reading. It is obvious she labors for all the right reasons and is an inspiration for all. I would not hesitate to contact arabella again for further guidance.


Cecilia  7/25/04,

July 25, 2004. We were "blessed" to receive a reading from ARABELLA on July 8, 2004. Her channel was exceedingly clear and we stopped counting the psychic "hits" at over 100 in an hour.ARABELLA is truly a gifted pschyic, a very blessed child of God. During the hour reading ARABELLA received messages for us from our Spirit Guides, our angelic companions and the tape concluded with a beautiful message from The Holy Spirit! Thank you Joy. Love, light and peace Michael and Cecilia

robyn Tuesday, 10/13/08, 

arabella has a remarkable and uncanny ability to hit things "on the nail" without any other information other than your name! Thank you arabella!

Tracey Tuesday, 3/13/09, 

  I have had readings with many readers but arabella has been the most accurate. In addition to her accuracy, she is just a beautiful person...she is very gentle and loving, while being real and honest at the same time. I totally and completely trust her and highly recommend her.

Karen Thursday, 3/18/07 

arabella, You have a true soul healing gift that brings understanding to the snuffledoodle that life can become! I have had many readings but time with you went way beyond a "reading". You did not tell me what I wanted to hear, you did not simply reflect my own turmoil, but gave insight at the heart of the issues. Your ability to accurately feel those around us that we share this life with was not only amazing but brought insight and eliminated misconceptions that caused a great deal of turmoil. "You, a person with a vision, are like a pebble in a stream, moving ever outward to infinity, impacting on all who come into contact with the ripple." Dr. Wayne Dyer Thank you for sharing. You have made a great impact.

K. H. Wednesday, 3/17/09, 

Her channelled information is funneled to you from a panoramic view, and then slowly its details take shape and you then can identify them, possibly true to the core of your being. First, her voice has that quality that makes you identify with her easily -- you can tell that it is someone you can trust and open your heart and mind to. Then her words ring true. If she told you that you would go on a vacation overseas, chances are you might already have booked the flight and had your passport all tucked away in your carry-on bag. arabella is that which is suggested by her name -- a pure joyful experience given by someone in the higher echelon of the psychic elite.

kara lange Friday, 3/12/08, 11:31 AM

I just had my 2nd reading with arabella. She is a fantastic channel! Every question was answered before it was asked.... Her sweet and genuine nature and her wonderful sense of humor add to the benefit of the readings. Only helpful and uplifting information is given. Thank you arabella for being so beautifully you..

Joy Kinzer Thursday, 3/11/09,

I recently had a reading with arabella and it was fantastic and so very interesting. I felt she was right on the money with so many of the things she said. She was an absolute "arabella" to talk to and I will definitely be calling her again for another reading. I would recommend arabella to anyone. scott

Dawn Thursday, 3/4/04

I had a reading with arabella on Wedneday March 3, 2004. Actually I was to have a reading on Sunday February 29, 2004. But due to an emergency that came up for arabella, she was unable to do it that day. arabella even commented on there must be a reason why it didn't happen that day. Well we rescheduled for Wednesday and that Tuesday my Aunt Elaine died. I knew that was the reason it didn't happen that Sunday. We had the reading Wednesday and before I even called arabella my Aunt mary was coming through strong. I've never spoken to a deceased relative on the otherside so this was a first. I could go on about how great it was but the one thing I came away from it knowing, is that I spoke to my aunt and she was happy! In life her body was severely a hinderance, and on the otherside she was free of her earthly body. I remember her saying things like "I didn't remember how beautiful the angels are." And "I didn't know that it was so near." (the otherside) That was only a little bit of what she said. But I clung to every word. Thank God I have it on tape. Because I started telling other family members as well as her kids and it was a source of comfort for them. She even had a message for my mother, her sister. My Mother and my Aunt mary were the sickliest of all the siblings and when my Aunt mary passed my Mother assumed she would be next. My Aunt mary told me to tell her to stop thinking like that and she's not next. I'm still on a high after this reading. arabella has given my family and I a precious gift that words can't begin to express. I will be making copies of the tape to pass onto all my family members who want to hear their dearly departed mother/sister/aunt/friend. I thank arabella from the bottom of my heart and always will consider her my friend. Love n' Light Always arabella  

Gail Lansing Wednesday, 2/25/06, 3:13 PM


arabella was amazing in our reading today! She is so very sweet and caring and makes you feel right at ease. She validated things for me she could not have possibly know for herself. I will definatly talk to her again and recommend her to my friends!

Dawn Friday, 2/13/03 2:51 PM

You know I have to say you are way better than the run of the mill pyschic out there. I'm so awed by your abilities and the love that permeates from you every time we communicate. Love n light!

Julie Enderle Thursday, 2/5/05, 12:23 PM  

arabella is my sister. She truly has the wonderful gift not only of divination but in understanding the human condition. She has such a gentle and calming nature that just speaking with her can settle any personal storm that may be brewing internally. I feel privileged to have such a close relationship with her eventhough we are so far apart physically. I love you, arabella... your Julie.

Clay Stone Wednesday, 2/4/09, 9:50 PM 

I have many readings from arabella. I found out that she is bringing the master teachers to me that want to help guide me through this encarnation. We only have to listen to thier messages, and apply that wisdom to our every day life.

Pam Wednesday, 2/4/04, 6:42 AM

Joy is my mom and I am proud to say that! She is very accurate and even "wow"s me at times. I always go to her for advice...not only because "mom knows best" but because she can tune into my guides and advise me on a spiritual level as well. She has definetly changed a lot about herself from when my sisters and I were growing up and I think the choices she has made has brought all of us closer to her! Thank you mom for all that you do for me and all that you do for so many others! I love you

Kara Wednesday, 2/4/08, 5:10 AM 

I have had the pleasure of having readings with arabella for over a year now. She is fantastic. I would highly recommend her to everyone. I always feel very uplifted when I speak with her. She is delightful! Her readings are unique. They really answer all your questions, and the guidance is right on. I am grateful to have found someone who is honest, caring, compassionate, accurate and wonderful. I highly recommend arabella.